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 * pmacv@telefonica.net


As discussed on ?DebianWikiEngine, there have been multiple suggestions of moving to MediaWiki. If we decide to do that, and you would be willing to volunteer time to migrate the pages, test them, modify the ones that need modifying, clean up whatever, and then do all the other stuff needed...add your name here. If your email address isn't on the Wiki or on db.d.o, please email MichaelIvey and let him know how to reach you.

Philippe Cloutier

  • Active ?WikiGnome since over a year. Participated in a ["PHP"] wiki/CMS's development.

  • Willing and available to provide important assistance in a MediaWiki move, not to lead it.

  • cheal@hotpop.com

  • chealer on freenode

Pedro Macanas.

  • I can help translate the pages to MediaWiki. I participate in ?WikiPedia and other MediaWiki projects.

  • I suggest create a system to easily use the Wikimedia Commons images directly in the DebianWiki. So, we can use the GFDL Wikimedia images resources.

  • We would have a language system similar to ?MediaWiki/WikiPedia (links from one page in one language to pages in other one), categories, redirects... I am sure DebianWiki is going to improve a lot with MediaWiki software, without a great stress ;).

  • pmacv@telefonica.net