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  • Don't hesitate to improve the content of this page!

http://www.debian.org/intro/help - read the official page first!

And then the Chapter "Contributing to the Debian Project" of the FAQ.


Once you have installed Debian and you have used it for a while, you can think of helping Debian.

The first step to help Debian is to help other Debian users.

You can also make a donation.

Keep contact with the community

An important part of Debian work is interacting with the Debian community.

  • you can subscribe to mailing lists

  • but a lot of coordination also happens over IRC.

Debian events

You can go to a Debian event. You can even have the chance to help with the organisation of the event.

There you will meet Debian people and have fun with them. Debian Developers will also sign your GnuPG key if you ask them.

Working on Debian

It is a good idea to join a team where you will find people eager to help you.

Everyone can work on documentation or on localisation. You can even begin now!

You can work on bug reports

If you have programming skills, you can work on packages.

You can contact a mentor.

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