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 * Find a cool name for the usertag. ("gift"?)

See [[qa.debian.org/GiftTag|this wiki page]].
 * See [[BTS/NewcomerTag|this wiki page]].

This page is an ambitious attempt at providing an entry point for new Debian contributors.


Introduction page about Debian Development

  • Find a cool name. We need something easy to remember ("Help Debian" is not so bad, but we can do better!)
    • Lucas registered help.debian.net (and won't make a fuss if someone has a better idea)
    • polish.debian.net, it is the polishing that makes the gem shine ( for those who care about a cool name )
  • Write a page (?Draft is here)

    • answering the following questions:
      • Why should I contribute to Debian? (short answer: Debian is cool. explain.)
      • What can I do?
      • Where do I start?
    • We have to /sell/ the tasks to the reader. Show him easy stuff to start with.
    • We have to write stuff from the reader's POV. Gnome does a very good job on this page

    • We have to be sexy. Have pictures, a good design, etc. Free Photos (public domain (see the link at the bottom), or GNU GPL

    • We have to get to the point. The goal is not to write an encyclopedia.
    • We shouldn't be too technical, but point to the relevant tech docs instead. (let's not reinvent the wheel)

Bugs suitable for new contributors

  • Implement a nice page to search for interesting bugs.
  • See this wiki page.