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Help Contents

Welcome to MoinMoin. You will find here the help pages for the wiki system itself.

For help specific to the Debian wiki, please try the Debian Wiki Editor's Guide.

If you would like a quick overview of MoinMoin's syntax, have a look at HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax. If you are looking for something for a presentation, look at WikiCourse.

(!) Fulltext search is available on FindPage.

If you find any errors on the help pages, please describe them on HelpErrata. Please do not edit or create help pages in other wikis than MoinMaster (see HelpContents), because the pages from MoinMaster will overwrite any other changes on wiki engine upgrades. Please follow the established structure of help pages if you want to change pages in MoinMaster. Before doing any major or widespread changes please discuss that on the mailing list or MoinMoin wiki.