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This page is meant to explain how a Debian User can find help.

If you want to help Debian, the first thing you'll have to do, is to help other Debian users.

In any case you will learn to interact with the Debian community and share your experience.


First you have to read the fine manual.

Of course you can also search the web.

Debian Mailinglists

Then the first place to look is the Debian Mailinglists site.

If you send a mail to, you will probably get a rapid answer, and everyone will know how to solve your problem.

The first step for helping Debian is to subscribe to the debian-user mailing list and to participate.

You will learn what's going on in Debian if you read the mailinglists. You can contribute to the discussions and you are welcome to make (good) suggestions to enhance the system.

Bug report

Sometimes a problem is due to a bug. So the best thing to do is to report it !

Use reportbug/reportbug-ng or send a mail.

In reporting a NEW bug, you will really help Debian. Keep in mind that the purpose of bug reports on free software is to improve the software.


If you want more privacy, you can use the #debian channel on IRC, but then if someone has the same problem, they won't find the solution you were told.