Helix is an open source multi-format digital media platform. The source code is released under dual licenses: the commercial ?RealNetworks Community Source License and the open source ?RealNetworks Public Source License. Additionally, the Helix DNA Client and the Helix Player are licensed under the popular GNU General Public License (GPL) . ?RealNetworks contributed the original source code to the Helix Community to help the industry standardize on a multi-format, multi-operating system, multi-processor digital media platform.

The Helix DNA Client is the media engine for playback and consumption of digital media.

Helix Player is the open source ?MediaPlayer built on top of Helix DNA Client for Linux . The Helix Player serves as the foundation for the RealPlayer for Linux. The Helix Player contains support for the following media formats:


apt-get install helix-player

This package includes the ?mozilla plugin of the Helix Player.

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