I'm new to Debian; started 2002-01-29. Installed on some free space on my PC which already had Win98 and RedHat.

Q: I don't know yet how to boot Debian from the hard disk; it starts at a too high cylinder, and the LILO that resides on the RH installation may be too old for that.

A: To boot installations on high cylinder positions, use `grub' instead of `lilo'.

Q: I want Gnome, but have ?GnuStep (I think)

A: Your package manager should be able to replace these packages. If not, use `rpm' to do it manually.

Emacs gives out sound when pressing ctrl-g, but xmms doesn't work yet.

So there are some issues to be resolved.

The installation is Potato, but I want to install Woody later. And Hurd.