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== Roadmap == = Roadmap =

Hector Oron's BIO

Hector Oron is a communication engineer working at Toby Churchill Ltd as a R&D developer. Since 2001 he has also worked for embedded ARM companies and as a freelance engineer at Elecmos where his jobs have included linux device drivers, bootloader and root filesystems development for embedded systems in a real-time and safety critical environment, among others. He has also been managing and maintaining Emdebian Free Software project, an official Debian subproject.

Hector is an official Debian and Emdebian developer, and he is involved in multiple tasks, including...

  • Emdebian - framework for cross building Debian DPKG packages

    • EmdebianToolchain - compile code for foreign architectures

    • Infrastructure and webpages development
    • Worksessions and meetings organization 1 2

  • Multiarch 1 2

    • Part of the multiarch specification group to include cross building
  • Porting
  • Debian on devices:
  • Debian Admin
  • Debian Buildd
    • Backup buildd maintainer for armel architecture



  • EmdebianToolchain

  • 431800 [rmadison]: please add debian-ports.org support

  • 595286 ITP: barebox -- Barebox (u-boot-v2) is a bootloader.

  • 535905 ITP:shellinabox -- publish command line shell through AJAX interface

  • 594878 [flash-kernel] flash-kernel: please add mv78xx0 support

  • 592614 valgrind: `arm' is not a valid release architecture

  • 596064 [xserver-xorg] xserver-xorg: /usr/bin/X hangs (CPU 100%) on nVidia Corporation GT218

  • 572431 [busybox] busybox: add cross compilation support

  • 572117 [kernel-package] kernel-package: please, add support for uboot images (uimage)

  • 572945 [device-tree-compiler] device-tree-compiler: could you update to later release?

  • 596716 debian-installer: please add easy path to bpo and volatile sources

  • 592618 tcc: FTBFS on armel architecture