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== Adding Git projects to Haskell collab maint ==

This page is for pkg-haskell admins only.

ssh to alioth.debian.org.

In /home/groups/pkg-haskell, there are two scripts. First, run mkgitrepo.sh.

It will ask you for the Debian source package name and a one-line description, then create the repo. Next, make sure you have a local repo with origin and master branches (no others), and appropriate tags (if any). Then run:

{{{$ git push --all ssh://$USER@git.debian.org/git/pkg-haskell/package.git}}}

Now, run /home/groups/pkg-haskell/mkgitrepo-hooks.sh to set it up to send commit messages to the right places.

Finally, you'll want to clone the repo you just created and start working from there.

=== See Also ===
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