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= Using Haskell Collaborative Repos with Git =

== Setting up Git ==

If you haven't used Git before, you'll want to apt-get install git-core, then follow refer to John Goerzen's [[http://software.complete.org/software/wiki/site/GitGuide|5-Minute Git Guide]] as we follow along. You'll want to follow Step 2 (Configure Git) before proceeding.

You'll want to install our tools with: {{{apt-get install git-core pristine-tar git-buildpackage}}}

== Checking Out Project Code ==

If you already have an account on Alioth and are a member of the pkg-haskell project, you can check out repos one way; otherwise, you'll use anonymous access. I'll refer to these as "Project member access" and "Anonymous access".

=== Project Member Access ===

$ git clone ssh://<user>@git.debian.org/git/pkg-haskell/project.git

=== Anonymous Access ===

$ git clone git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-haskell/project.git

== Git Branches ==

The pkg-haskell group uses '''upstream''' for the upstream branch (if relevant), '''master''' for the Debian branch, and '''pristine-tar''' for automatically-managed pristine tar files. Some packages may also use other branches as needed. These will show up as origin/master and origin/upstream in your clone.

== Committing Changes Locally ==

Since Git is distributed, you always commit your changes locally, then submit them to the central repository. To commit changes locally, follow Step 4 (Hack) in the [[http://software.complete.org/software/wiki/site/GitGuide|5-Minute Git Guide]].

== Submitting Changes ==

=== Project Member Access ===

First, run {{{git pull}}} to make sure your local tree is up-to-date. Then, {{{git push}}} your changes up. If you have added tags, '''also''' run {{{git push --tags}}}. If you have modified more than one tracking branch, consider {{{git push --all}}}.

=== Anonymous Access ===

Follow Step 5 (Submit) at the [[http://software.complete.org/software/wiki/site/GitGuide|5-Minute Git Guide]]. When prompted for the email address to submit to, use <<MailTo(pkg-haskell-maintainers AT lists DOT alioth DOT debian DOT org)>>.

== See Also ==

 * [[Alioth/Git]]
 * [[Alioth/PackagingProject]]
 * [[Haskell/CollabMaint]] (parent page)