Haskell is a pure functional language. The Debian Haskell Group (DHG for friends!) is the team committed to packaging and maintaining a working and up-to-date Haskell environment and library in Debian.

Upstream references

Team contacts

Note that the maintainer address list (pkg-haskell-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org) tends to be very noise due to automatic mail, e.g. from the Debian archive), so discussions are easier on haskell-debian@lists.debian.org.

Team infrastructure

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Haskell packaging

All team-maintained packages are kept in Darcs repositories. These repositories are integrated with the Package Entropy Tracker, which makes it easier to check how things are going with Haskell package.

TODO list

A raw list of things to do, hoping that someday someone will start working on them...

Relevant packages

Out-of-date things

This list is kept for historical interest. If you're interested how things (should) go now, you're in the wrong place.