Hardware Qualification for loong64

Page to explain how loong64 meets Teams/DSA's hardware requirements for buildds and porter boxes, as explained on parent page HardwareQualification containing links to the actual requirements.

Requirements for individual hosts: Must have

Out of band management with dedicated network port, preferably a BMC

Provide Loongson 3C5000 Server machines to Debian with BMC support.

Debian DSA can manage the LoongArch machines via BMC, and the following BMC features are supported,

Alternatively, we can provide a manual for BMC.


Shipped with rack by default, supplied with Server machine.

No human intervention to power on

The Server machines can be managed via BMC Remote Power Management.

Warranty or post-warranty hardware support, preferably provided by the sponsor


If DSA team encounters any problem, can contact us anytime. We will face and solve the problem together with Debian DSA.

Under the 'ownership' of Debian (a long-term loan can also work)


Requirements for individual hosts: Would like to have

Production quality rather than pre-production hardware

Compliant ex-factory products that meet production and quality requirements.

Support for multiple drives (so we can do RAID)

Requirements for ports: Must have/be

At least two machines to act as buildds

We will mail the appropriate number of machines (4 ~ 6 LoongArch Server machines) according to the needs expressed by the DSA.

At least one machine to act as a porter box

We have sent a LoongArch Server machine (Loongson 3C5000 dual-way server) to Salzburg as a porter box for loong64.

The Server machine will be hosted in Salzburg, Austria at Conova and set up by glaubitz@d.o.

Hosted in two different locations

We will be mailing LoongArch Server machines (used as Official Port buildds) to different locations as recommended by Debian DSA and DDs.

Decision based on communication results and actual situation.

Supported in Debian stable [...]

[... Waived for ports approved by ftp-masters and the release team for inclusion in a future stable release.]

It is not supported in Debian stable as being managed by DSA is a pre-requisite to supported in Debian stable.

We are confident that with the support of Debian teams´╝îDDs and Loongson's member, loong64 will be included in future stable release.

The machine's architecture has an actively-maintained stable kernel in the archive


Members of loongson team will continue to maintain the linux upstream and Debian kernel.

Packages critical for DSA operations available: puppet, samhain, syslog-ng, ferm/pf, etc

//To be confirmed in the porter box of loong64.

Requirements for ports: Would like to have

See "Hosted in two different locations".