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{{attachment:Portal/IDB/icon-device-32x32.png}} GNU/Linux has more built-in hardware support than any other operating system. This page lists articles which describe how to configure Debian GNU/Linux to work with many different kinds of hardware. {{attachment:Portal/IDB/icon-device-32x32.png}} This page lists articles which describe how to configure Debian to work with the many different kinds of hardware it supports.

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Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome to the Debian Hardware Portal

Portal/IDB/icon-device-32x32.png This page lists articles which describe how to configure Debian to work with the many different kinds of hardware it supports.

Quick access

Portal/IDB/icon-drive-cdrom-32x32.png CDDVD
Portal/IDB/icon-chipset-32x32.png ?Chipset
Portal/IDB/icon-computer-32x32.png Desktop computer
Portal/IDB/icon-floppy-32x32.png Floppy
Portal/IDB/icon-game-32x32.png Gamepad
Portal/IDB/icon-xvideo-32x32.png Graphics card (GPU)
Portal/IDB/icon-pda-32x32.png Handheld
Portal/IDB/icon-hdd-32x32.png HardDisk

Portal/IDB/icon-keyboard-32x32.png Keyboard
Portal/IDB/icon-laptop-32x32.png Laptop computer
Portal/IDB/icon-memory-32x32.png Memory
Portal/IDB/icon-modem-32x32.png Modem
Portal/IDB/icon-template-32x32.png Motherboard
Portal/IDB/icon-printer-32x32.png SystemPrinting
Portal/IDB/icon-scanner-32x32.png Scanner
Portal/IDB/icon-screen-32x32.png Screen

Portal/IDB/icon-scsi-32x32.png SCSI
Portal/IDB/icon-system-32x32.png Server computer
Portal/IDB/icon-template-32x32.png Smartcards
Portal/IDB/icon-sound-32x32.png Sound card
Portal/IDB/icon-usb-32x32.png USB
Portal/IDB/icon-backup-32x32.pngTV-Tuner/Video Capture Card
Portal/IDB/icon-webcam-32x32.png Webcam
Portal/IDB/icon-wifi-32x32.png Wireless

Portal/IDB/icon-hwinfo-32x32.png How to identify a device | Hardware shipping with Debian installed | Debian GNU/Linux PCI device driver check page

Specifics and improvements

Open hardware

Other External links

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