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 * [[https://www.torproject.org/donate/donate-hardware.html|Tor Project]] for online anonymity and censorship resistance technology

Wanted hardware

If you have some hardware to donate, please check the list of wanted hardware below and contact the appropriate persons directly if appropriate.

If you have some hardware to donate that no-one is specifically looking for and your hardware uses a special type of processor (ARM, PowerPC etc), please check the list of Debian ports for contact information related to your hardware.

If you are still not able to find a recipient for your hardware donation, you may contact the Debian hardware donations delegates for further suggestions.

If you are still not able to find a recipient for your hardware donation, you may list your donation in the table below.

If Debian is not able to accept your hardware donation, you might want to contact other related organisations who are looking for hardware.

Other hardware wishlists

  • Debian bug reports that need special hardware to resolve

  • Debian System Debian Administration (DSA) team wishlist

  • FSFE for Free Software advocacy in Europe

  • EFF for digital rights advocacy in the USA

  • FreeGeek for hardware reuse by individuals and non-profits

  • FreeBSD for Free Software distributions

Available hardware

Some services can provide automated access to hardware for running particular kinds of tests. These can help identify specific issues but have limitations on what components can be installed, upgraded or replaced - typically bootloaders are excluded, although bootloader interactivity can be supported.


The following table lists hardware that donors have available, where that hardware is located and how to get in touch with the donor if you would like to physically receive that hardware.






No hardware available at this time


Debian provides porterboxen for Debian architectures to Debian members. Debian contributors can also get access via guest accounts.


See the list of devices on Staging or Production. LAVA is also available in Debian (lava-server) and includes extensive documentation on writing tests for LAVA, including use cases and examples. To submit jobs to the current instances, a login will be required. The LAVA instances available via Linaro require a Launchpad ID to login (permission to submit jobs will need to be given separately). You can also register with Linaro as a community contributor. Alternatively, email codehelp@debian.org with a link to a git repository containing the YAML files and links to the kernel, dtb and rootfs files so that the jobs can be submitted on your behalf. It may also be worth looking at vmdebootstrap for support in building images based on the Debian ARMMP kernel packages.


The GCC project provides a compile farm for GCC and other Free Software with various operating systems and architectures that Free Software developers can login to.


The openSUSE build service allows building packages for several architectures.


  • OSU Open Source Lab provides OpenPOWER access to free and open source projects.

  • The University of Campinas, Brazil provides an OpenPOWER MiniCloud for temporary access to POWER virtual machines.

  • HPC Village provides access to a heterogeneous (hybrid) HPC platform

  • Linaro provides a cloud of 64-bit ARM machines

  • IBM provides a cloud of S/390 machines

  • Various companies provide access to hardware for running virtual machines, usually on 64-bit PC (amd64) architectures.

  • Packet and Scaleway sell time on 64-bit ARM machines

Add your hardware wishlist

If you want some specific hardware to be used for your work on Debian, enter your WikiName or TeamName (no spaces) in the text box below and press the button:

If you receive donated hardware, you are expected to post reports about the hardware you received and what it enabled you to achieve to the relevant places, for example to your blog and Planet Debian, to debian-devel, present a talk at DebConf or a mini-DebConf, post to the relevant Debian porting mailing list (debian-arm for eg) etc.

Once you have received the hardware you wanted and no longer need any more of the requested hardware please rename your hardware wishlist page to Hardware/Received/{WikiName} so that we have a record of which hardware was given to who and what was achieved as a result of the donation.

Once you no longer need the hardware you have received, please return it to the donor, donate it to another person/organisation or dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner.

Received hardware