All bugs not specific to a single DE:

hal-less KDE

KDE uses Solid as abstraction for hardware access, which in turn currently uses HAL as backend for hardware listing and power management. This means, porting away from HAL needs to be done only in two places major places:

KDE >= 4.6 (so kde4libs and kdebase-workspace) ships components no more using HAL on Linux by default; about non-Linux architetures provided in Debian, kde4libs will still need HAL.

KDE SC 4.4 (squeeze) definitely relies on HAL for all of them.

hal-less Xfce


hal-less LXDE

LXDE uses HAL to support volume management, and power management. Porting away from HAL need to be done only in two places:

hal-less GNOME (for squeeze)

Mostly done, a default GNOME installation in squeeze no longer requires hal on Linux.

Packages in the default GNOME installation