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See also [[Grub/SplashImage]]
See also
See also [[Grub/SplashImage]], [[GrubEFIReinstall]]

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Configure console menu colors

As of DebianWheezy, there is no support for easily modifying the colors of the console menu. /etc/default/grub does not have any variables that can set the colors for this video mode.

The easiest way to modify the console menu colors is to create a new file /boot/grub/custom.cfg and put your configurations there:


set color_normal=light-gray/black

The variables that control the console menu colors are the following:

  • color_normal - the “normal” foreground and background terminal colors

  • color_highlight - the “highlight” foreground and background terminal colors

  • menu_color_normal - the foreground and background colors to be used for non-highlighted menu entries

  • menu_color_highlight - the foreground and background colors to be used for the highlighted menu entry

If you configured /boot/grub/custom.cfg, there is no need to run update-grub; the file will be automatically loaded by /boot/grub/grub.conf at boot.

Configure graphical splashimage

  • install the grub2-splashimages package: aptitude install grub2-splashimages

  • choose one of the nice images to use as the splashimage. You can look at the images with any image viewer (Ex: display)
  • configure/add the GRUB_BACKGROUND variable in /etc/default/grub. Ex: GRUB_BACKGROUND="/usr/share/images/grub/Lake_mapourika_NZ.tga"

    • make sure that GRUB_TERMINAL=console is commented out. The graphical mode will not be enabled if this is uncommented. By default it's commented, so you shouldn't worry too much.

  • the graphical resolution can be changed via the variable GRUB_GFXMODE

  • run update-grub

  • reboot to observe the change

See also Grub/SplashImage, GrubEFIReinstall