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This guide describes the proposed procedures that the Gridengine Packaging Group contributors use to maintain packages in the Git repositories on

Initial configuration

In ~/.gbp.conf, at least:

export-dir = ../build-area/
pristine-tar = True

In ~/.lintianrc:


Cloning package repositories


This is the project repository. It can be cloned with plain git-clone(1), but using gbp-clone(1) sets up tracking branches for upstream source and pristine-tar(1) data:

gbp-clone --all --pristine-tar ssh://


This is where Dave (upstream) keeps his debian directory for Debian (there is another debian bundled with the upstream tarball - that is not for us). We can use subtree merging to access this repository, instead of downloading a tarball. After cloning pkg-gridengine.git:

cd pkg-gridengine
git remote add gridengine.debian
git fetch gridengine.debian
git checkout -B gridengine.debian_branch gridengine.debian/master

Hopefully, though, with the help of this guide, Dave could abandon gridengine.debian and work directly in pkg-gridengine.git instead.

Upgrading to a new upstream release

First make sure that the local repository is up to date, for example using gbp-pull(1):

git checkout master

There is no debian/watch file as of 23/02/2013, so download the tarball manually, and rename it to the proper .orig.tar.gz, e.g. gridengine_8.1.3~rc20130220.orig.tar.gz.

Then import the new upstream release into the git repository (you may want --no-sign-tags):

git fetch origin upstream:upstream pristine-tar:pristine-tar
git-import-orig --verbose --filter '*/debian/*' --filter '*/.pc/*' --pristine-tar ../gridengine_8.1.3~rc20130220.orig.tar.gz

If the automatic merge fails

git reset --hard

and read Debian Packaging/Packaging workflow.

Upgrading gridengine.debian remote

git checkout gridengine.debian_branch
git pull

Check diff between gridengine.debian_branch and master/debian:

git checkout master
git diff-tree -p gridengine.debian_branch

Merge gridengine.debian_branch into master/debian:

git merge --squash -s subtree --no-commit gridengine.debian_branch
git commit

After modifications to debian/, merge master/debian back into gridengine.debian_branch:

git checkout gridengine.debian_branch
git clean -fd
git merge --squash -s subtree --no-commit master
git commit

Produce a patch of gridengine.debian_branch for Dave:

git diff HEAD^

Getting a diff between master and the upstream branch

While on master:

git diff upstream| filterdiff --clean -x '*/debian/*' -x '*/.gitignore'

filterdiff is from the patchutils package.

Patching upstream

See Debian Packaging/Repository layout for details.

Test build

git-buildpackage --git-ignore-new

Pushing changes to pkg-gridengine.git

git push --all
git push --tags


Russ Allbery's Using Git for Debian Packaging is the main source. This guide follows Russ' 'bug fixes and new features on branches' / 'single Debian (quilt) patch with all divergences from upstream' approach.

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