Gregory Colpart

I'm Debian User since 2002 (just before Woody was stable) and Debian Developer since 2008. I use Debian on somes machines: my laptop, my desktop PCs, personal router and server, specific machines (PPC, MIPS, Sparc), friends/family PCs and a lot of servers at work. I am the leader of pkg-horde team which maintain some packages (horde3, imp4, turba2, kronolith2, horde-sam, sork-forwards-h3, sork-vacation-h3, gollem, chora2). I also adopted package pppoeconf which was in default Sarge installation (then often installed). I'm also member of pkg-php team and the maintainer for php-file, php-auth and php-date packages.

Here is a random mix of Debian works I did:

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