(Context: I am preparing information about a new possible team within Debian, "Developer Advisory Team". One goal of that team would be to welcome new contributors into Debian. Here is an email that we might send to someone whose first package got uploaded into the archive.)

Note that this is a template, and just a suggestion; you'd have to replace CONTRIBUTOR_NAME and PACKAGE_NAME, and otherwise customize if you like!


I'm writing to you in my role as a member of Debian's
Developer Advisory Team. First of all I'd like to thank you for the
great work you have put into Debian. It's work like yours that makes
Debian better for millions of users.

The second reason I'm mailing you is because I wanted to ask for your feedback
about your experience. It's important to us to find out more about what could
be generally improved in the development experience.

So if you have a bit of time, would you mind answering these questions about
the process of getting an updated PACKAGE_NAME into Debian:

* What was your general experience with Debian development like?
* What did you like about it?
* What do you feel could be improved?

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Also if you are looking
for information about a specific team or interest of yours, I'm happy to help

Thanks again for your involvement in Debian! Keep up the good work!

On behalf of the Developer Advisory Team,