Godot is a multi-plaftorm game engine.


GitHub repository:

Packaging Godot

The godot3 engine is available in Debian.

Godot provides 3 binaries (and no libraries): the editor, the runner and the headless server.

The runner binary aka "export template" is close to an interpreter: it's called to run a .pck file that contains the game.

Godot integrates with other languages thanks to GDNative, which "bridges" between languages using a C API

The project can break compatibility on minor (but not patch) versions, hence packages are named godotX.Y godotX.Y-[runner|server]

Packaging Godot games

The source package for a game is built from the sources tar.gz as usual. Example for a game called "foo" that runs on godot3.1:

The binary contains the .pck file and a launch script e.g. /usr/games/foo and no server/runner, and it depends on godot3.1

The launch script contains:

    /usr/bin/godot3.1 /usr/lib/godot3.1/foo.pck