The DebianGnome Speech API ( API ) allows developers to incorporate speech technology into user interfaces for their DebianGnome applications. This API specifies a cross-platform interface to support command and control recognizers, dictation systems and speech synthesizers.

This GSAPI release is just a specification, not an implementation. The plan is to release it to the GNOME community for review. From feedback provided by reviewers and our attempts to implement the API as defined, the specification will be refined until it provides a clean and consistent API. This will then be GNOME Speech v1.0.

Note that there is currently already a gnome-speech CVS module on This provides a simple [text-to-speech] (TTS) API that provides sufficient support to allow the Gnopernicus screen reader to function appropriately. For now, the GSAPI GNOME Speech module is being kept as a separate entity to avoid confusion.

Speech Synthesizers

Gnome Speech uses festival (and maybe gnome-speech-dectalk, gnome-speech-ibmtts, gnome-speech-dectalk).