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What is GNOME?

The [http://www.gnome.org GNOME] Desktop is an attractive and useful desktop environment. GNOME is both free and one of the most widely used desktop environments on the GNU/Linux operating system.

Gnome in Debian

Debian 5.0 Lenny includes GNOME 2.22 (and some bits of gnome 2.20 that are more stable that 2.22).

There are four options to install Gnome in Debian:

How to install


"Gnome Desktop"

tasksel [#task see below]

Debian's selection of applications?BR(This is what is installed on a freshly installed system. It include some applications non gnome.org applications, like openoffice, iceweasel, inkscape...)

Gnome (Upstream)

gnome package

The standard/upstream distribution of the GNOME desktop environment?BR (plus a complete range of plugins and other applications integrating with GNOME and Debian, providing the best possible environment to date.)

Gnome Desktop-Environnement

gnome-desktop-environment package

A subset "Gnome (Upstream)", used by the Debian's "Gnome Desktop" task

Gnome (core only)

gnome-core package

This is a minimalist gnome installation?BR(You have to installation all end-user applications later). Above packages depend on this on.


Installing "Gnome Desktop" task

First make sure that tasksel and aptitude:

Now, install gnome task:

(The option --new-install ensure we end-up with what DebianInstaller would have installed ).