This page is aimed at both Debian and upstream developers, talking about things to keep in mind when developing a program or packaging it so that it remains portable.

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Compare built status of packages across many arches, including the lesser-known ones; provide a maintainer email address as p= parameter, for example the XFCE team's summary:

Cross Compiling


The system the software is being compiled on.
The system the software will run on.
When building a compiler, the system the software built by the compiler will run on.

Package Build


Reduce the amount of arch-specific Build-Depends by building whatever is possible (documentation for example) in a binary-indep target, hence those dependencies become Build-Depends-Indep and only one architecture needs these.

Building and Running Tools

Best Practices

Autoconf and Automake

(how to build a toplevel project)

Programming Considerations

(Link to ArchitectureSpecificsMemo?)

Integral Types



Floating Point Behaviour

Page Sizes

Feature vs System detection

System detection (usually wrong)



CPP system macros

Other system checks ...

Check for specific functionality (good)


Build Failures

Unportable ioctls

Limiting macros

(PATH_MAX and friends)

Optional POSIX features

Kernel/System dependencies

(linuxisms: mount, linuxthreads abuse)

(bsdisms: sys_errlist[] vs. strerror())

Runtime Failures



devfs on kFreeBSD

(some nodes are not allowed on FreeBSD's devfs)

Missing kernel features

(sysv shm)

Hardcoded values instead of using macros


Making dirs ending with a slash '/'

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