About me

I am a system administration enthusiast and a software developer interested in systems programming, parallel & distributed computing and operating systems. In 2014 I transitioned to using only GNU/Linux distributions.

Academic information

I am a M. Eng. (integrated master) student at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Ioannina.

My research interests lie in the area of parallel & distributed computing and operating systems. I am a member of the Parallel Processing Group, University of Ioannina since 2015 where I work on shared and distributed memory systems and their programming models.

System administration

I started administering Debian-based systems back in 2013 when I joined the Computer Systems Support Group, University of Ioannina. As a member of the Parallel Processing Group I administer 5 servers and multiple desktop computers, all of them running on Debian. These servers are used for service hosting (Apache, DokuWiki, Nextcloud, gitolite, gitweb, attic, ISC DHCP server, WordPress, Kanboard), software development and software testing.

Software development

Since 2016 I contribute to the development of OMPi; a lightweight, open source OpenMP compiler and runtime system for C. OMPi is currently developed on Debian 9.x - Stretch.

For more open source projects visit my Github account here.