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 * 2014-03-02: Revised [[AtiHowTo]]


  • Email: <gsimmons AT SPAMFREE gsimmons DOT org> (include "Debian Wiki" in subject, please)

  • IRC: gsimmons on irc.debian.org.



(brief log, major changes only)

  • Create orinoco (and friends) page, include USB device establishment and WPA details/procedure.

    • Create orinoco_usb

  • Create prism2/2.5/3 page?

    • reference orinoco, hostap and linux-wlan-ng drivers.

    • firmware from userspace required for Prism 3 Small Serial Flash (SSF) devices.

    • add device firmware upgrade/downgrade procedure if relevant.

  • Involve hostapd somewhere, if only as an AP/BSS master example.

  • More Ralink details (eg. rt61, rt28xx: rt2860 (rt2860-source is in non-free), rt2870usb)

  • Consolidate ath5k information somewhere (eg. known device support, supported/missing features WRT madwifi, known issues).

    • Static "Turbo A" not currently supported.

  • More Atheros 9xxx details.

    • USB: ar9170, otus

  • Review NdisWrapper again.

  • Ensure iwlagn stays up-to-date WRT DebianLenny once released (Backports, lennynhalf)

  • Other driver help pages: at76_usb, the new prism54 (p54[usb|pci]), acx1xx,

  • Review WiFi/HowToUse

  • Add sidebar/table/flag indicating WiFi drivers not supporting WPA (add to WPA? WiFi/HowToUse? WiFi?)