The goal of this page is to seek people who are interested to improve the state of games on Debian. As the debian-games mailing list doesn't exist anymore, people might now gather here.


 - the ["ParaGUI"] package is at 1.0

However many games use 1.1, so a package with the new API should be created and the old one phased out (see #316335). Both ["ParaGUI"] and SDL need updated m4 macros (basically the underquoting issues), I think that both have been fixed upstream already.

 - the GGZ packages are vastly outdated

A jump from 0.0.7 to 0.0.11 would help especially game developers whose games conditionally depend on GGZ libraries.

 - Pygame needs an update

First, it should be recompiled with Python 2.4 to produce the python2.4-pygame packages (ubuntu already did this). Second, the version 1.7 should be included, although this seems to be less of a priority.

 - debian-devel-games revival

Either this list or renamed as debian-games should be (re)created. As opposed to the previous attempt which lasted until 2002, it should not allow posts by non-subscribers due to the post/spam ratio.

 - more gamer-friendly setup

Probably using debtags, a way to install cool games without looking at everything in the 'games' category which includes fortunes, bb etc. (which is cool also but maybe inappropriate ;)

 - improved init integration

players often want to start game servers temporarily; some games have a GUI option but an init.d frontend with parameters to allow non-root start/stop (i.e. not using var...) would be desired.