Current status and general info

The goal of this page is to seek people who are interested to improve the state of games on Debian. Main place for games packaging happens within the [ Debian Games Team] on the official [ debian-games mailing lists] and the bugs and [ development list] on alioth.

The debian-games-devel is a place for general games development discussions and contact with users, while the [ development list] is the place for discusions about games' bugs and packages.

Debian Games official IRC channel is #debian-games on (OFTC).

Informations for users

People doing games packaging might find more useful information on the Games/Development page.

Informations for developers and prospective team members

People who want to see some games in Debian should look at Games/Suggested and submit a request for package ([ RFP]) [ bug] against the [ wnpp meta package].

Debtags was considered and Enrico Zini is open to new tags addition.

So using debtags, is a way to install cool games without looking at everything in the 'games' category which includes fortunes, bb etc. (which is cool also but maybe inappropriate ;)


Players often want to start game servers temporarily; some games have a GUI option but an init.d frontend with parameters to allow non-root start/stop (i.e. not using var...) would be desired.