rRootage is an arcade-style space shooting game developed by Kenta Cho and coded in C and C++ and uses OpenGL and SDL. The game is released under a BSD-like license and the upstream source is available at http://rrootage.sourceforge.net/, although that page is just the port of the game to the Linux platform. The original page of the game can be found at http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cs8k-cyu/windows/rr_e.html.

The game has been packaged using debhelper and without any special patching system, apart from .diff.gz file. Two binary packages are made from the source, one arch-specific and another one common for all arches that includes the game data.

The game seems to be finished and upstream does not release new versions, although he's reachable via email. The package is very stable and does not need to change very often.





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