PlanetPenguin Racer (or ppracer for short) is the successor of the famous tuxracer (which isn't developed any more). It's a fast arcade game, where you steer tux, the Linux penguin, down a snowy hill, trying to collect herrings and avoiding rocks and similar, which will slow you down.

It's written in C, using TCL and libsdl. All but one files are released under the terms of the GPL, the remaining file (src/quadtree.cpp) has a "do what ever you want" license. So it's GPL compatible and DFSG-free.


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Notes for development

Package maintainance is done with debhelper and dpatch. Several binary packages are build from this source package, beside that it's a quite normal package.

Future development

Upstream has released an alpha version for upcoming 0.5 release. Many things changed, including but not limited to:

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