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monopd is a dedicated game server daemon for playing Monopoly-like board games. Clients such as gtkAtlantic connect to the server, which manages the game. Note that you do not need to install this server unless you want to use one of the clients offline, or play custom game types.

Currently supported board games are Monopoly(R) and Atlantic, a variation on Monopoly(R).


libCapsiNetwork is a network library for C++ server daemons aimed at easy development. Implementing a server is as easy as adding a few lines to your code and writing one function that handles input events. As with monopd, libcapsinetwork was written by Rob Kaper in 2002. It was one of the requirements to run your own monopd server but nowadays network functionality is fully integrated into monopd which supports both, IPv4 and IPv6.


Libmath++ is a template based math library, written in C++ for symbolic and numeric calculus applications. Currently implemented features include conversion between string and tree representations, symbolic differentiation, and expression simplification. This library was a requirement to compile monopd. It was written by Christian Parpart (?SurakWare) in 2002. Nowadays libmath++ has been replaced by the muparser library which provides similar features while still being actively developed.


aptitude install monopd

or install gtkatlantic which recommends monopd.

aptitude install gtkatlantic


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