Holotz Castle is a 2D platform game in which you must pick up some objects in every screen and find the exit. The game is coded using SDL, SDL-Image, SDL-Mixer and SDL-TTF2 and includes an editor (which is not very stable dependign what you do with it) to create new levels. There is also a quite simple scripting language for handling levels and narrative sequences between levels.

The game has been packaged using debhelper and without any special patching system, apart from .diff.gz file. Three binary packages are made from the source, one arch-specific containing the game, another one containing the optional editor, and another one common for all arches that includes the game data. There's also an extra set of levels in another package called holotz-castle-milanb.

The game supports and has been translated to several different languages using its own translation system (no gettext ot things like that),

Upstream keeps releasing new versions of the game quite constantly.


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