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= Spring:1944 =

 * Home page: http://spring1944.net/
 * License: GPL + CC-BY-NC 3.0
 * License: https://github.com/spring1944/spring1944/blob/master/docs/License.txt
 * GitHub: https://github.com/spring1944/spring1944
 * Description: A WWII themed game with many fully functional sides, period-accurate units and strengths. Realism comes second only to creating a game that is fun and accessible to play.

This page lists well-made games which may seem suitable for Debian at a first glance, but which cannot be packaged (some could be added to non-free, though). The date describes when a packages' status was checked for the last time.

If a game is not suited for main section of Debian, it might be suited for the non-free section. Please evaluate this option, if you please or specify if you didn't evaluate the non-free section as an option.

Argonium [Oct 2005]

The source code is licensed under the GPL, but the game media files do not permit commercial use and the distribution of modified binaries.

Crystal Core [Jan 2006]

The default license for this game is CC by-nc-nd 2.5, some parts are under a free license, but not the game as a whole, see http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=8822359&forum_id=40573 The data files can enter Debian non-free and crystal core itself contrib?

Cube Engine


The game is under mixed licences. It also runs with modified network code in the distributed binaries to prevent cheating so a free version will be different to the versions that upstream distributes.

Dark Oberon [Oct 2005]

The engine is under the GPL, but the game media is licensed under the ?NonCommercial Creative Commons license. Can be distributed in non-free section, or contrib for the code and non-free for media (?).

Digital: A Love Story [Nov 2014]

Some game music is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. Author Christine Love wrote that music artists are unlikely to relicense the music.

Don't Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story [Nov 2014]

Some game music is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. Author Christine Love wrote that music artists are unlikely to relicense the music.

Duke Nukem 3D (port by icculus.org) [Jan 2006]

Duke3D depends on the Build engine, which is not DFSG-free (limited rights to distribute only over the internet, no commercial usage).

Eskimo Fishing Trip [May 2007]

Source is GNU GPL, data not though. Source requires to link against Intel JPG lib and FMOD. I don't know about the JPEG lib, but FMOD is non-free, so this would likely run w/o sound.

Eternal Lands [Feb 2006]

The source code license doesn't permit the distribution of modified works and the game media doesn't even permit redistribution.

FAR Colony [Jan 2017]

  • Home page: https://code.google.com/p/farcolony/

  • License: GPLv3
  • Description: FAR Colony (First Autonomous Remote Colony) is a game of exploration and space colonization being held in the 23th century. It has 2 phases: a Colonization Phase, where the player must make the colony viable in 365 days max, and a Sandbox Play.
  • Comments: This project is in ALPHA STAGE so not fully playable yet!

It uses non-free components and build system is also not open.

Jagged Alliance 2: Stracciatella [May 2007]

The source code license doesn't permit commercial use.

Kerkerkruip [Oct 2014]

Kerkerkruip depends on Inform 7, which is proprietary software. However, the developer of Inform 7 has promised to open up the source code in the future.

Legends [Feb 2006]

The game relies on a non-free engine and there's probably more non-freeness around.

Lost Labyrinth [Jan 2006]

The game only compiles with a proprietary ?PureBasic compiler.

OpenSonic [Aug 2009]

Use original Sonic material (illegal).

Paintball 2 [May 2007]

The game engine is derived from the GPLed Quake2 sources and free. However, their game media isn't redistributable even in non-free. On top of that they include some sounds they don't even have the right to distribute.

Planeshift [Oct 2005]

The source code is GPL, but all game media files are covered under a non-free license. The authors go into lengthy explanations why they did so on the website, so persuading them for a free license seems quite fruitless.

They are willing to grant permission to distribute the data but licenses must be negotiated individually.

Privateer remake project [Oct 2005]

  • Home page: http://priv.solsector.net

  • Description: Vega strike mod that mimics the original Privateer computer game from the mid-nineties

Besides the very problematic trademark infringements all game media turned out to not to allow commercial distribution, the source code itself is GPLed like Vega Strike.

Punch or Kiss [Mar 2014]

When asked via email if he would release the source code, Author Stephen Lavelle replied “I'm not comfortable releasing games under a GNU license. You can't take a license back, and I can't take such decisions lightly.”.

S.C.O.U.R.G.E [Oct 2005]

The code is GPL, the artwork is partially GPL (the share done by the author himself), partially unclear (taken from polycount.com with various licenses) and partially non-free (works by a specific author, that doesn't permit redistribution of derived works). This could probably be packaged into contrib with a non-free media file and possibly even be turned free, e.g. by replacing non-free media.

Shadow Warrior (port by icculus.org) [Jan 2006]

Shadow Warrior depends on the Build engine, which is not DFSG-free (limited rights to distribute only over the internet, no commercial usage). The game is buggy.

Soviet Unterzögersdorf [Aug 2006]

The underlying engine contains a sound font taken from a proprietary adventure game by Sierra. The game media isn't DFSG-free either (Creative Commons). If the sound is replaced might be distributable in non-free section (?). The game is binary-only and relies on the ags engine. The linux port of the engine is also binary only. Quote from the FAQ section:

Q: Then can I have the source code, to port it myself? (Chris Jones)
A: Sorry, AGS is not open-source. There are many reasons for this
which I will not go into here.


Sunrider [Nov 2014]

Apparently it was relicensed from GPL to CC BY-NC-SA on 2014-07-21.

The Dark Mod

  • Home page: https://www.thedarkmod.com/

  • License: GPLv3; CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 (gamedata)
  • License: https://svn.thedarkmod.com/publicsvn/darkmod_src/trunk/LICENSE.txt

  • Description: THE DARK MOD is a total conversion for Doom 3, turning it into a dark and moody stealth game inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass Studios. More like a professional game release than a mod, it includes creative new gameplay features, dozens of unique AI, and a complete set of custom art assets, allowing players and mappers alike to enjoy missions in a gothic steampunk universe. The Dark Mod was officially released on October 17th, 2009.
  • There are two common problems:
    • The gamedata is very large (2.3 GB)
    • The license of the gamedata (otherwise it must go into non-free with the engine into contrib)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory [Jun 2007]

  • Home page: http://splashdamage.com

  • Description: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a team-based first person shooter based off the Quake 3 Arena engine and set in Europe and Africa during World War II.

The license prohibits redistribution: http://liberatedgames.org/licenses/RTCW-ET_End_User_License_Agreement.txt

xrick [Jan 2006]

The source code is licensed under the GPL, but the game media files are ripped from the original. Re-doing them as Free Software would allow inclusion to Debian main.