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== Install UT99 on Debian/Stretch (AMD64) (working on 2016-08-15) == == Install UT99 on Debian/Stretch (AMD64) (working on 2019-02-24) ==
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note that you should also install the libsm6:i386 package available in the official repos
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 Launch it in 32 bit environement.  Launch it in 32 bit environment.

Unreal Tournament


Multiplayer-oriented FPS released in 1999 with native Linux port. Many game types are available (Deathmatch, CTF, Assault, Domination, etc...)



Any computer after 2000 should be ok. (It works perfectly on a P3-450 with 128mb of ram and a Riva TNT 2 Ultra).

Install UT99 on Debian/Stretch (AMD64) (working on 2019-02-24)

Game Of The Year edition includes bonus packs 1,2 &3.

1. Install old gtk libs

  • In order to be able to launch the installer (and the game), you need to install 3 old libraries (install the i386 versions!).

    libglib1.2 libgtk1.2-common

    Before installing the third, modify the file /var/lib/dpkg/status to add Multi-Arch: foreign as follow :

Package: libgtk1.2-common
 Status: install ok installed
 Multi-Arch: foreign
 Priority: optional
 Section: misc
 Installed-Size: 944

edit 2019-02-24 : links are dead...you can download the files here

note that you should also install the libsm6:i386 package available in the official repos

2. Run the installer

  • The installer can be downloaded here. Be careful to choose the right version (GOTY or not...) Launch it in 32 bit environment.

sudo linux32 sh unreal.tournament_436-multilanguage.goty.run 

3. Install oss compatibility libs

  • In order to have sound working, you need to install oss compatibility for PulseAudio.

sudo apt-get install osspd-pulseaudio:i386 libpulsedsp:i386 

4. Create a padsp32 script

  • Create a psdsp32 script based on /usr/bin/padsp and change lines as follow :

if [ x“$LD_PRELOAD” = x ] ; then
LD_PRELOAD=“$LD_PRELOAD /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pulseaudio/libpulsedsp.so”

5. Create a launcher

  • Like this :

 #! /bin/sh
 cd /usr/local/games/ut/System/
 /path_to_new_script/padsp32 /usr/local/games/ut/System/ut-bin 

6. Enjoy!


Segfault with intel integrated GPU

  • Since actual CPU's are fast enough, you can use SDLSoftDrv.SDLSoftwareRenderDevice as renderdevice. Modify the file ~$ .loki/ut/System/UnrealTournament.ini as follow


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