svn-buildpackage as standard build system ? Why? Any exceptions?

Eddy Petrișor

Yes. Easy and unified workflow, easier to explain workflow to newcomers . No (but this is a personal choice - it can be done as personal choice even without the team being aware/affected by this).

Reinhard Tartler

I wouldn't like to have svn-buildpackage mandatory. I'm compiling packages in many different chroots using sbuild (not pbuilder), and svn-buildpackages comes always in my way.

Gonéri Le Bouder

We need a standardised build system and IMO svn-buildpackage is the best solution. Reinhard can use it to prepare a clean build directory ( svn-buildpackage --svn-export) and then use sbuild as usual.

Alexander Schmehl

Uhm... does it make a big difference? You can either use svn-buildpackage or if you like it more svn export. Those two methods don't contradict each other, do they? So we could just leave that point open and let people use what they like, couldn't we?

Sam Hocevar

Yes. It’s absolutely trivial to use.

Miriam Ruiz

It would be nice to support it, but not making it use mandatory. I feel very happy managing my packages with just SVN, without any extra tools to learn and to depend on.