Should we use dpatch? Why? Any exceptions? Did you used it before?

Eddy Petrișor

Yes, where the full source is not in SVN, but only the debian directory. Dpatch fits when only the debian specific part is kept in SVN because there is no ghost (only bits and pieces where needed) copy of the modifications. Should not be used where full source is in SVN. I used it in glest and other packages which I modified which were already using dpatch.

Miriam Ruiz

I've used it before. I think using a patching system makes it a bit more confusing to analyze and the package, but it makes the packaging system more compact so only the debian/ directory would have to be uploaded. If we decided to use it, we should write some basic guidelines on how to make and handle the patches.

Gonéri Le Bouder

dpatch is the worst patch managing system after plain source.

Linas Žvirblis

No. Better options are available. It is said to be suitable for small simple packages, this hardly applies to games. Not in my own packages.

Reinhard Tartler

dpatch like all patch systems try to manage patches. It has poor conflict and merge resolution, and I'm personally not too comfortable with creating and stacking patches. I'd prefer to have all patches in trunk/ (and thus, having having the full upstream source in trunk, as I like reading upstream sources)

Alexander Schmehl

I used it before, and can just say "works for me". So far I didn't created a patch needing package, which was to complicate for dpatch (allthough I could imagine the existence of such cases ;)

Jon Dowland

See my answer to the cdbs question.

Sam Hocevar

dpatch is retarded. It uses an awful lot of disk space to edit a patch and has poor support for badly applied patches.

Andres Mejia

I use dpatch and it works. I've taken the same approach as the GCC maintainers have when using dpatch and writing patches. I've seen that dpatch has support for applying specific patches for specific machine architectures, and that they have support for applying specific patches for various situations. I've heard that dpatch is only useful for a small number of patches and I guess some people here feel that way too. All I can say to that is well, the GCC maintainers prove that wrong. They have 194 patches for gcc-4.1.

Vincent Fourmond

I love using dpatch because it is very simple. Although it admittedly might not be practical for a large number of patches, especially interconnected patches, for most of the cases it works well. I've had to deal with quilt once for an bug-fix, and it took me ages to understand how it works.