Full source tree in SVN? Why? Any exceptions?

Gonéri Le Bouder

This is something i strongly dislike. I use to checkout the full trunk. Some directory are very big and i don't want do download again these files since i already have the tarball. IMO, if everybody use quily this should not append anymore. Full trunk is 416MB. I guess we can take off at last 350M. Another point is that by doing this we discourage ppl with poor Internet link.

Linas Žvirblis

Fine with me, as long as they are separated from the packaging files, but generally it is a no. If you are actively working on upstream features, just use upstream SVN (CVS or whatever). Something like README.source for things that we absolutely need to know about the tarball seems more appropriate.

Eddy Petrișor

No, adding the full source in SVN makes updates slow and lengthy. In most of the times it is not necessary to have those. The same reason for which the tarballs themselves should not be in SVN, the full source should not. svn-buildpackage can handle the builds if only the debian directory is in SVN.

Reinhard Tartler

Definitly yes! Hiding the sources in upstream tarballs, which some other tool like svn-buildpackage (which now becomes a requirement) makes working on the upstream sources harder. Please don't.

Alexander Schmehl

alex@annuminas:~/debian$ du -sh pkg-games/ 1,8G pkg-games/

Curently it takes a lot of space and needs quite some time for svn updates (yes, I know that I can do partial updates; but since I'm the one regulary sponsoring your packages, I need to check out most of it anyway).

And since we don't change most of them, I don't see the need to check them in. With one exception I could think of: Some old packages we maintain, are upstream dead, changed a lot in time, and didn't used seperate patches (for example "koules"). So if we become the defacto upstream, we should our svn repo for that.

Jon Dowland

No strong opinion, but I'd stray towards no. Seems unnecessary to package up the tarball and an unpacked source tree.

Sam Hocevar

No. I hate it. My ~/pkg-games is already huge.

Andres Mejia

No. Some games are large and it's quite unnecessary when you just need to make modifications in the debian directory. Also, why I believe in patching.