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Supertux is a typical Jump 'n' Run game, similar to the commercial game Super Mario on the Nintendo platform. The player has to guide a penguin through 2D sidescrolling worlds, called levels. In each level the player must avoid deadly dangers and fight against jumping snowballs, sliding ice-cubes and many more.

System requirements


# apt install supertux

Configuration and Options

User-specific files (such as level completion progress, third-party addons, and your configuration file) can be found in ~/.local/share/supertux2

To run Supertux from the terminal, you can simply run supertux2. Extra flags are available, and a full list be viewed by running supertux2 --help. Importantly, if you mess up your video settings and cannot otherwise fix them in-game, you reset them to their defaults by running supertux2 --default

Environment variables can be set to temporarily change the paths the game uses for storing its files. SUPERTUX_USER_DIR corresponds to the directory for your user data (savegames, etc.) while SUPERTUX2_DATA_DIR corresponds to the directory for the game's datafiles.

These paths can also be permanently changed by running the game with the --userdir or --datadir flags followed by the full new path.

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