This is the list of packages which the games team have prepared for upload to Debian, but are awaiting a sponsor.

This page is partially obsoleted by the ready to upload section of the games PET instance, please check there too for packages ready to upload.

Sponsorees, you have to give a link to proper .dsc file (please keep it up to date, if you upload a new revision).

The package should be:

The package must not

See these pages for more quality suggestions:

See also instructions. Please use for existing packages, since that shows up in the PTS page of the package.

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package, version

maintainer comments

sponsor comments

xxxxxxx 0.1.2-3

non-free/contrib. Fixes RC Bugs 123, 456, Fixes important Bug 567; New Upstream

angband-audio 3.1.0-1

non-free (CC-BY-SA-NC license). NEW (ITP 576029)

gemrb 0.7.0-1

NEW (Closes 477376)


NEW (ITP 648681)

openssn 1.1-1

NEW (ITP 640167)

watermelons 1.1.1-2

NEW (ITP 490857)

no-dice 0.3.0-1

NEW (ITP 641851)


new upstream version


New upstream release, closes 647501, 662506 and RC bug 672038. Consider setting DMUA.
The package was on this list since January with an OpenGL|ES 2 engine added. I removed that new engine now and the update is now simple and can be reviewed easily. The OpenGL|ES 2 engine is not as stable as the other one anyway.

xboxdrv 0.8.4-1

New upstream version


New Upstream release

review sent



New upstream release. Move to dh v8 and machine readable debian/copyright


NEW (ITP 596241)


NEW (ITP 662985)


NEW (ITP 612778)

dwarftherapist 0.6.12+hg20120419-1

NEW (ITP 620272)


list of changes


New upstream release; closes 662380 and 649947


NEW/transition (ITP 666524) Please treat with increased priority so that we can finish the transition before the freeze. See mailing list.


Adopting package (see mailing list). irrlicht 1.7.3 has to be uploaded first. New upstream release; closes 531637, 634019, 667640

If you sponsor the package, please remove the line from this table.