This is the list of packages which the games team have prepared for upload to Debian, but are awaiting a sponsor.

Sponsorees, you have to give a link to proper .dsc file (please keep it up to date, if you upload a new revision)

The package should be:

The package must not

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package name

dsc URL


Assign To


Fixes RC Bugs #123, #456, Fixes important Bug #567; New Upstream

Super Totor


Initial version (ITP #484631), DFSG-repackaged to remove the non-free Arial TrueType font



initial release and package



closes ITP #492760


freedink, dfarc and dink-data form a whole

yabause (should be, but mentors fscks somehow)

new upstream release, not for Lenny, lintian warns about unused quilt

If you sponsor the package, please remove the line from this table.