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|| [[http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/b/bubbros/bubbros_1.6.2-1.dsc|bubbros 1.6.2-1]] || New upstream release, fixes DebianBug:585187 || || ||

This is the list of packages which the games team have prepared for upload to Debian, but are awaiting a sponsor. Looking for a sponsor at http://mentors.debian.net and to open a "request for sponsorship" bug will increase your chances of getting your contributions into Debian and is recommended.

Please point in your RFS bug report to our guidelines and this page. You should also mention every confirmation and consent of an existing package uploader or simply your notification to the mailing list debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org which will demonstrate that your request abides by the rules and is in accordance with the team's guidelines.

This page is partially obsoleted by the ready to upload section of PET and DMD, please check there too for packages ready to upload.

Sponsorees, you have to give a link to proper .dsc file (please keep it up to date, if you upload a new revision).

The package should be:

  • lintian clean

  • pbuilder clean

  • signed with a gnupg key (debsign package_version.dsc)

The package must not

  • contain UNRELEASED as a distribution

See these pages for more quality suggestions:

See also mentors.debian.net instructions. Please use mentors.debian.net for existing packages, since that shows up in the PTS page of the package.

You might want to subscribe to this page, to get notified if a sponsor adds a comment to your package.

xxxxxxx 0.1.2-3

non-free/contrib. Fixes RC Bugs 123, 456, Fixes important Bug 567; New Upstream

package, version

maintainer comments

sponsor comments

reviewer / sponsor

cutemaze 1.1.1-1

New in Debian, fixes 748088

debian/copyright is incorrect (oxygen icon theme is LGPL and has different attribution) [FIXED in commit]


If you sponsor the package, please remove the line from this table.