How to sponsor packages from the Debian Games Team

The list of packages needing sponsoring can be found at Games/Sponsors/Queue.

We used to use our Alioth tracker for upload requests, but it wasn't kept up-to-date enough.

We use either Subversion or git for packaging. Our svn tree is located here The git directory is at git:// We use Alioth http space to post the upstream tarballs:

The "with no Account on Alioth" way

If you don't want to create an account and want to help us, we suggest you to have a look on the status page and download the last build of the package.

We use "UNRELEASED" as distro in the last changelog entry. You may have to change it to unstable.

If the package is fine for you can do the upload. Else ,please contact us on the development list.

After your upload we have to tag the release.

The "with an Alioth account" way (preferred)

With an Alioth account, you'll be able to do the upload and tagging work yourself. Please read the Games/VCS page for further information.

If the package is not ok for you, send an email to