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Three years ago the Debian Games Team decided to orphan certain game packages with the intention to ask the FTP-Masters to remove them after a period of three months if noboby else had adopted the games before. Example: 544925

An initiative was started in 2012 to remove these longtime orphaned games because they were neither adopted nor were they removed.

The goal was to gather feedback and to learn more about the team's current opinions on the topic and to clean up poor quality packages.

Why removal?

If the Games Team doesn't care about games in the first place, it's unlikely that others in Debian will. Orphaned packages will not be improved, may inherit license or security issues and tend to become a burden for others in the future thus after a reasonable amount of time unmaintained packages should be removed.

Reasons and thoughts for or against removal

Automatic removal of orphaned packages after a certain amount of time

The topic starts here:

Ricardo Mones argues that criteria like "orphan packages after two years with a low popcon value" are not enough reasons to remove a package from the archive while i (Markus Koschany) point out that an orphaned package like LGeneral inherited severe bugs and nobody even bothered to file bug reports. In this case automatic removals can be a good thing in my opinion.