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This page contains information on promoting the games team and recruiting new members.

Promotion on the Web

It's proposed that new members can be recruited through advertising on various news outlets and community sites. The following details a template news release tailored for the style of news outlet.

Example news release

The Debian/Ubuntu Games Team provides packaging and support of games in Debian and Ubuntu archives. From RPGs, FPS's and RTS's to flight sims, board games and art games, we work collaboratively to share problems, bugfix, package and promote FOSS games in all genres and we seek new members to assist us in our work. We have roles for all technical levels. From producing screenshots and documentation, building packages of existing games, tracking down new and interesting games for inclusion to helping with licensing and source materials of games and art. If you have a passion for GNU/Linux, love gaming and want to help make the base distro of Ubuntu, Mint and many others even better then please contact us on IRC at #debian-games on or via our mailing list


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2013-09-30 (German)


Reddit feedback thread on last promotion.