pkg-games members ping

Dear Debian/Ubuntu Games Team member,

We, the pkg-games admins, would like to invite YOU back to the Games Team [1]. According to our SVN and Git logs, you did not participate since a year (and we are sorry if you did and we missed the fact when parsing the (Git-)logs!). The games team maintains a lot of packages and we need all our contributors to be able to keep up with the high standards Debian users expect. In the months since you were last around, the squeeze freeze was lifted and Debian made another successful release. Now is an specificly good time to get involved again, to upload the latest new versions of fun games and propose new games to be maintained by the team. Feel invited to (re-)introduce yourself in our IRC channel [2] and on our mailing list [3,4] and have some fun improving gaming in Debian!

We have started having monthly meetings in order to revive and organize the team, you might like to take a look at the notes of the first meeting [5].
The next one is soon: April 30th, so please join us on IRC [2,6] and let the discussion begin!

If (in the unlikelly case) you do not want to participate in the Games Team any more, you can leave the team on Alioth [7] or tell us to do this for you, so we won't bother you with any further pings.

Regards, have fun and see you soon on a quest to make Debian better :)

The Debian/Ubuntu Games Team admins
- Paul Wise - Gerfried Fuchs - Evgeni Golov -

[2] #debian-games on /