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Prepare possible web-based tool to help us deal with package selection, claims and so on.


During this Debian games party we plan to create screenshots for all the games in Debian, upload them to screenshots.debian.net, have them approved and make them available to goplay and other Debian/Ubuntu package managers.

Before the party, you will need to create a Debian sid install, give it a good network connection and enough disk space for installing games, then make sure you have some tools for creating screenshots. To help out during the party, first visit the list of games that are missing screenshots and join the Debian games party IRC channel.

Browse the list of packages and select a package you are interested in. You will then be able to claim it by mentioning that on IRC. Once you claim a package, play the game a bit to create a good screenshots for different parts of the game and then upload them to the website. Claiming packages is meant to reduce duplication of effort so please try to do it.

If you see -data, -common or other packages in the list and they do not need screenshots, please ignore them.

If there are games packages missing from the list, please feel free to mention it on IRC and submit a screenshot.

We will primarily be focussing on screenshots from the versions in Debian sid, but if you are running an older version that is fine. Please fill out the package version numbers in the upload form correctly based on your system.

Please read and follow the screenshots.debian.net guidelines before contributing new screenshots. In addition, the following guidelines are useful for games screenshots:

  • tailor the style of screenshot for the style of game, for example action or RTS games should show a moment of action like a bunch of missiles hitting a target or tanks rushing towards a strategic valley.
  • ...

All screenshot addition and removal requests will be approved or rejected by the admins of screenshots.debian.net, probably during the party itself.


Decide on a date, time and duration.

Brainstorm requirements for the participants.

Brainstorm who is our target for attending this party.

Write press stuff and do advertising for our targets. Might want to get the Debian publicity/press folks involved here?

Fill out this page with useful information for participants.

Add the resulting screenshots to the thumbnails package afterwards or alter goplay to download images instead.


Paul Wise volunteers to do screenshots.debian.net admin during this period.