The idea

Debian Games Parties are well-publicised periods of time where we focus on one aspect of improving gaming within Debian.

The main purpose of these is to get new people involved (users, devs from Ubuntu and so on) and get people with less technical skills know how they can help out and get them started in being involved.

They should occur on a regular basis to continually generate interest in Debian and the games team.

The equally important reason for having them is to have some fun while helping Debian!


Depending on the required level of technical skill, we might consider promoting the parties in the following channels:

We should promote them a couple of weeks in advance.


Everyone gathers in #debian-games on (or freenode maybe). Some core members of the team start with an intro about the topic and point people at the wiki page for the topic. Then we get on with the fun!!

goplay could be used for the list of games or the site:

We might need a web-based tool for people to claim a game and then release it once they are done.

The events should be 24 hours long to allow people from all timezones to join in.

When announcing the event, we should link to or have an easy way for people to know the start/end times in their local timezone so they don't have to convert from UTC to local manually.


Add yours here, some ideas to start with are in the wheezy TODO list.