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Oolite is a space trade simulation in which the player slips into the role of an interstellar spacecraft pilot. The player can fly from one planet to another and has to either transport goods or persons. From time to time, there are missions to achieve.

System requirements

Intel graphics users

You may find that this game is unplayably slow if you're running it on a computer with Intel graphics hardware, e.g. 945GMA and 945GSE. The cause appears to be that the graphics driver switches into software mode due to some requirement which Mesa 7.0 does not know can be hardware-accelerated.

Installing newer Mesa libraries ‒ version 7.2-1 of libgl1-mesa-dri and libgl1-mesa-glx, both from experimental (correct as of 2008-11-20) ‒ appears to be sufficient to allow the game to make sufficient use of the hardware acceleration to be adequately playable.

(Note: tested by dsalt with custom 2.6.27 kernels.)


apt-get install oolite

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