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In Neverball the player uses the computer mouse to control the slope of a labyrinth to navigate a ball through it. On the way through the labyrinth the player has to collect coins to be able to enter the next labyrinth. Neverball can only be played in single player mode.

Neverball uses OpenGL, which needs a graphics card capable of 3D acceleration.


apt-get install neverball

Gamepad Controls

To set custom gamepad controls, open the ~/.neverball/neverballrc file with a text editor. Use jstest or jstest-gtk to find button IDs from presses.

joystick                  1    # 1 or 0 to enable or disable
joystick_device           0    # /dev/input/jsX
joystick_response         250
joystick_axis_x0          0    # horizontal axis for moving board
joystick_axis_y0          1    # vertical axis for moving board
joystick_axis_x1          3    # horizontal axis for camera
joystick_axis_y1          2
joystick_axis_x0_invert   0
joystick_axis_y0_invert   0
joystick_axis_x1_invert   0
joystick_axis_y1_invert   0
joystick_button_a         0    # to select menu items
joystick_button_b         1    # to go back
joystick_button_x         2
joystick_button_y         3
joystick_button_l1        4
joystick_button_r1        5
joystick_button_l2        6    # move the camera left
joystick_button_r2        7    # move the camera right
joystick_button_start     8    # pause the game

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