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Recently a new game is available in the Debian repositories: Minetest (minetest - c55) under GPL v2 (or later) license.



Minetest is inspired by the game Minecraft but unlike the latter, it is developed in C++. It currently has two modes:

Note that the package also includes a server version.



With the package in the repositories, nothing is simpler:

   1 aptitude install minetest

Compiling sources

Because it is a game in constant development, the version in the repository will not be the latest. But fortunately it is possible to get the latest sources and to compile.

For problems or more compiler options, see readme.


To start the game, just run Applications/Games/Minetest (Gnome) or run:

   1 minetest


The location of the configuration files is ~/.minetest (created during the first start of the game).

The configuration file contains minetest.conf player preferences (key, name, server address, ...), it is possible to change these settings in the file or directly from the game.

More details on the page on the minetest wiki.


At the moment only textures are customizable. We can find more on the official forum. To apply a new texture, you must modify the configuration file and add the following variable:

   1 texture_path = /path/to/textures


Minetest also offers a server version to experience the immense number of maps. To start, run in a shell:

   1 minetestserver

For a web server, it is necessary that the specified port (30000 UDP by default) is open on the internet box/gateway.


The file ~/.minetest/world/auth.txt defines the privileges of each player.

List of privileges:

The file looks like this:

   1 test::build,shout

The file auth.txt is frequently written by the server and also during shutdown. It is better to edit when the server is down or use the commands /#grant and /#revoke privileges to change players.

It is also possible to define the default privileges by modifying the configuration file with the parameter:

   1 default_privs = build, shout


The available in-game commands are:


Given the current video game right now, it's pretty easy to compare Minetest to Minecraft. Without going in to details (which are available on the wiki/blog/forum of Minetest), we can try to include the advantages and disadvantages of current Minetest:

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