Debian games meeting: 2011-06-26

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2011-06-26, 10:00 UTC (

#debian-games on (aka


  1. From last meeting:

    1. Alioth migration - did everyone and everything survive it?
    2. documentation regarding packaging
    3. Screencasting/game presentations
  2. LiveCDs/Blends with a ready-to-play set of games
  3. FHS regarding /usr/games et. al.
  4. Fullscreen/windowed games, policy?
  5. How to make sure that users of a graphical desktop environment find the manual (think PDF with images, not a man page that you view from a terminal emulator) of a game? In SDL programs it is often not easy to integrate this to the in-game menu system.
  6. Debtag for "this is a multiplayer game", "this is a single-player game", "this is a multiplayer game with AI"?
  7. Add "/srv/home/groups/pet/PET2/pkg-games/pet-git-helper update ${PACKAGE}.git" to hooks/post-receive in /git/pkg-games/setup-repository?
  8. Decide organiser for the next meeting